Why Work For Stranik

Our technicians are talking…


“I was nervous about a commission based pay system but I’ve made more money in a partial year than I did my entire full year at my last place”

“I love this place! My manager is flexible to my needs. They really care about the customers”


“The management is rock solid. I feel like I have a team backing me up!”

“This place gave me a fresh start. Glad to be doing what I love again!”


““I worked at a few shops before starting here in February of 2015. This is by far the best shop I’ve work at. Rob, our manager, is very knowledgeable mechanic. I’ve learned a lot from him. My fellow workers are great. We all help each other. On top of all that the money is great.”

“This is a great place to work. Our customers love us so there is always plenty of work to be done. I never feel stressed working here. My manager and co-workers are always calm
and relaxed.”